Small Business Funding Atlanta

Innovative Funding to Grow Your Business

We offer a variety of reliable funding solutions that get you the funds your companies needs, right when you need them.

Have You Been Denied Business Funding?

We make business funding easier, faster and more reliable than ever.

If your business has been denied loans from traditional banks, then BKH is here to help.

We understand that your business is unique, which is why we take the time to listen to your specific goals, so that we can find the right solution for you.

Our full-scale business funding program includes everything from establishing your business credit to matching you with reputable lenders and investors that offer you capital in a timely manner. 

A Diverse Range of Business Funding

We are the experts in the industry because we use our widespread network to offer over 20 funding options for your company.

Corporate Credit Card Program

Consult BKH is not a bank or lender but we are experts at connecting entrepreneurs like yourself with credit lines to capitalize their businesses and protect their personal credit. Our acquisition team can secure $10k-$150k on your behalf to meet the expenses of a new business or to use as a financial safety net when needed. Whatever your situation, this funding can be the difference between starting well or not starting at all. We’ve helped thousands of business owners launch and grow using this program. All we need is a recent credit report to get started.

Business Directed Retirement Plan

Do you have 401k or IRA assets you’d like to use for your new or existing business but don’t want to get hit with the taxes or penalties? Consult BKH can get you full access to those funds without the downside of early withdrawal. Our Business Directed Retirement Account program is the key to your future. This is not a loan or investment program. We simply make your money available to you now. We’ll not only free-up your assets but also provide five years of corporate management services and consultation as part of the BDRA Program. Let’s get on a call and see if this Business Direct Retirement Plan makes sense for you.

Working Capital Program

Unsecured Working Capital Program The unsecured startup funding program is designed to help get your clients as much working capital as possible by utilizing the best low-interest loans and credit lines available in today’s marketplace. Our expertise and lending relationships allow us to customize a plan based on specific needs. This program funds from $25,000 to $250,000 to start, build or grow a business.

Business Equipment Financing

When you’re ready to upgrade existing or purchase new equipment for your business, you need to find the financing with the terms that work for you. We assist your company in obtaining loans secured by the equipment for the best rates in the industry for everything from semi-trucks to farming equipment.

Business Line of Credit

Receive open-ended access to the credit for ongoing needs ranging from seasonal working capital to inventory management. Our experts will help you receive up to $300,000 in credit on funds that you only pay interest on when you use them. No balance, no monthly payments!

Business Revenue Financing

The perfect business funding plan for those with poor credit, no credit and no collateral. Our lenders will provide your business with up to $1 Million in funds within just three days, which you repay using a portion of your ongoing revenue.

Note: Consult BKH has access to up to 20 total business funding programs that include but not limited to SBA Funding, Real Estate Fix and Flip, Purchase Order Funding and Accounts Receivables.