Get Bankable, Fundable, and Marketable Accelerated Coaching Program


One on one on coaching by the Consult BKH Team on how to build a Bankable, Fundable and Marketable Business, Lifetime Access to our Proprietary Business Credit and Funding Software Platform. Next level consulting on lender compliance, business credibility, business set up, business documentation and more. Coaching delivered via live phone and email.

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1 hour Activation Call


Not sure how to build business credit or obtain funding in today’s market? Or maybe you have questions about how to properly market your business online and build a brand? Or maybe you just need direction. Let’s jump a call and get you going from A to B as fast as possible.

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Digital Marketing Direction Call 1 Hour


Direction is far more important than speed. Let us help you grow, scale and automate. We give clarity on Social Media Marketing, Premium Website Design, Sales funnels, Marketing automation, and much more. The landscape for digital marketing is forever changing and can be overwhelming. This call provides some direction.

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We are the experts in the industry because we use our widespread network to offer over 20 funding options for your company.

CRM and Marketing Automation

3C-CRM offers the most robust, yet simple to use customer relationship management systems on the market. This CRM enables businesses of all sizes and industries to seamlessly manage customer and contact relations, build step-by-step sales funnels, manage drip marketing campaigns, and deliver powerful insights to close more business.

One and One Coaching

Always remember that direction is more important than speed. Have you ever heard the expression “you don’t know what you don’t know?” Let’s get on a call leverage my knowledge and network to grow your business. I am looking forward to us winning together.

Digital Marketing

The pandemic taught us that without a strong online presence it’s almost impossible to compete in the marketplace. We can help you secure a strong digital footprint by offering services such as premium website design, social media management, online reputation services just to name a few.

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