Our 4-Step Credit Repair Process

We make credit restoration faster, easier and more convenient, so that you can achieve your credit repair goals as quickly as possible!


Step 1: Pulling Your Credit

Set up an account with to pull your personal credit reports with which is our trusted source for credit monitoring.

Then provide us the username, password, and last 4 of your social security number.


Step 2: Credit Analysis

Our credit repair experts will thoroughly examine your report to identify:

  • Inaccurate reporting information
  • Factors reducing your credit score
  • Unverifiable credit data

Then, we develop a strategic custom credit repair program that suits your circumstances.


Step 3: Credit Disputing

We load all the inaccurate and unverifiable information into our system, then challenge the information with the credit bureau, reporting agencies and collectors. We prepare professional credit dispute letters which are sent out to address each issue, then track the progress of your credit score through our online portal.

As the information is adjusted on your report, your score will begin to improve.


Step 4: Credit Resolution

As the updated credit reports are returned, we analyze the changes and make notes on your files. On items that were not updated, we contact the bureau directly to reach a resolution to immediately adjust the information on the report.

Finally, we provide you with credit monitoring services and educational resources so that you understand how to manage, track and maintain a healthy credit score for the future.

Restore Your Personal Credit Today

Your credit score is one of the most important elements of your financial life.

We help you get your credit situation back on track, so that you can open up limitless options for your future.

Take Control of Your Financial Life

When you suffer from a poor credit score, you can be turned down for mortgages, car loans and other important funding opportunities. Our experienced credit repair experts work closely with you to understand your current credit situation, then develop a custom credit repair plan that’s right for you. We simplify the credit restoration process by working to quickly boost your credit score through a number of techniques including credit disputes, collections negotiation and more.
The result? You back in charge of your financial future!

Credit Score Education & Guidance

While our services help boost your credit score, we believe in providing you with the education and information that can create healthy credit habits. We provide you with a wide range of credit restoration resources and professional advice, so that long after our services get your credit score to where it needs to be, you are able to raise it even further.
Our credit repair education includes understanding your credit score, debt settlement, credit reporting, the factors that raise your score and much, much more!
At BKH Credit, we don’t just restore your credit, we lay the foundation for a lifetime of financial freedom.

Our Credit Repair Covers Everything

Our credit restoration specialists fix your score by updating or removing inaccurate or unverifiable information, including:

  • Late pays

  • Tax liens

  • Inquiries

  • Short sales

  • Collection accounts

  • Identity Theft

  • Charge-offs

  • Account sold

  • Authorized users

  • Bankruptcies

  • Outdated

  • Medical bills

  • Repossessions

  • Foreclosures

  • Duplicates

  • Child support

To get started on improving your credit score and your financial future today,